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Ten gift ideas for your teenagers !! 😊


When come the time to spoil your teens, do you feel helpless? Oh, I understand you. I am at the same point as you. The older our children get, the harder it is to find a gift that is interesting, trendy, useful and that they will appreciate. And if in addition we want to focus on local purchasing ...ouff, it's a real challenge! So I have concocted a list of gift ideas to please your most difficult teens !! And the good news is, they're all available nearby. No stress about the delivery date !!! Let's encourage our local businesses !!

# 1 Body care products. 

I don't know about you, but my teens have recently discovered all of the body product lines available. They go so far as to take possession of my personal collection. They are crazy about hand creams, lip balms, hair mists, bubble baths, facial cleansers, and more ... It's not just a girl's passion. Guys are also paying more and more attention to their appearance. You can get all these beautiful products for body care at the Isabelle & Coccinelle d'Amos boutique. In addition to being available for delivery on their online store, they offers you many options from Quebec businesses. A big plus. Several brands are also available at the store Elena - Art de vivre of Rouyn-Noranda.

Idées cadeaux pour ado produits be-u compagnie québécoise Produits BKIND entreprise québécoise Boutique Isabelle et Coccinelle AmosProduits Endless Summer pour cheveux

# 2 Reusable water bottles.

They are super practical, especially in times of pandemic, since all drinkers are currently closed. In addition, they are the first step towards a more eco-responsible world since they prevent you from invading the planet with all these single-use plastic bottles. Whether it is to carry around to school, from one class to another, or for different sports, you will probably always need it in your daily life. I believe this article is the most useful of the whole list. You will find several colors / sizes / brands available at retailers Sports Experts of the region. 

 Gourde verte et bleu Hydro Flask Sports Experts d'AmosGourde bleu Yeti entreprise québécoiseGourde rose saumon Hydro Flask pour ado

# 3 Clothing accessories.

Nothing better than a comfortable accessory to complete their winter looks. The Lix design beanie will give them that particularly attractive touch of style. We never have enough toques, do we ??? Whether it's for a cap, a backpack or a pair of socks, LIX has it all. Complete gift sets already arranged are also available to make your job easier. Visit our site internet for all the details. 

 Sac à dos éco-responsable pour ado entreprise québécoise. Ensembles cadeaux pour adolescents lix design entreprise d'AmosTuque jaune moutarde acrylique pour ado lix design

# 4 Fine chocolates.

If your teen is the greedy type, like most kids their age, you can't go wrong offering them a set of homemade chocolates from the chocolate factory at Choco-Mango from Val d'Or. You have several chocolate flavors of incomparable freshness with the most sought after tastes. Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water !!! You also have the possibility to find several matching gift sets at the store Favorite chocolates from Val d'Or. You can order these products on their respective websites or, even better, present yourself at the shop to create your assortment.    

 Chocolats artisanales Choco-Mango Val d'OrChocolats assorties Chocolats Favoris Val d'OrEnsembles de chocolats idées cadeaux noël achat local

# 5 Jewelry.

 A necklace, a ring, a watch or even a pair of sunglasses would be perfect! Is your teen often late? Send them a subtle little message by giving them a beautiful timeless watch. In addition to being a practical gift that will serve them in the long run, it is a stylish piece of jewelry that will reflect there personality. There are several models to suit all tastes, from the more sporty with a water resistant model, to the more chic with a gold / silver bracelet. Endless possibilities for choice. Go see the advisers at the Bijouterie Rich'Or d'Amos or at the Oracle jewelry store in Val d'Or they will be able to answer all your requests! 

Bijoux pour adolescents Bijouterie Rich'OrCollier pour ado idées cadeaux noël achat localMontre idée cadeau garçon entreprise locale Amos  

 # 6 A book / A mini photo printer.

Does your teen love to read? What a good idea to offer them a book on a subject that fascinates them! Determine there main interests and find them the perfect collection covering a subject that excites them. If you ever have a hard time pinpointing there exact passion, you can always turn to the Bluetooth Mini Photo Printer. I'm sure your teenager has this habit of photographing everything around them! Why not offering them the possibility of printing all these little memories. You will find everything you need at Commercial Stationery from Val d'Or / Amos / Rouyn-Noranda. Otherwise, they will be happy to order them for you personally. 

Mini imprimante photo bluetooth Papeterie commerciale AmosLivre découverte adolescent Papeterie Commerciale

# 7 Decorative accessories. 

Discover all the gift possibilities at the store Sylvie Florist from Amos. You will have an endless choice of options, from the cup, to the cushion, to scented candles or even scented oils (because we know that a teenager's room does not smell good all the time !!!) , or a decorative plant. Why give a real plant to a teenager? It allows you to test their sense of responsibility and as a bonus, it's beautiful and it smells good! Are they able to maintain a plant without letting it die? Good question ! You will see if next Christmas you have to buy them another one !!!

Baume à lÚvre MaeMae Sylvie Fleuriste AmosChandelle entreprise locale boutique Sylvie FleuristePetite plante d'intérieur avec pot blanc et noir Boutique Sylvie Fleuriste Amos 

# 8 A pet. 

And yes, the classic, the pet! It's been years since he asked you to bought him a dog but the household chores are already overwhelming and you see the '' cabo '' as one more child to pick up? As a Christmas present, it's perfect! His dog = his responsibilities. Their aptitude and sense of responsibility must be put to the test. Soon they will leave the family house for their studies, it is necessary to know if they will be able to take care of themsefl. In addition, you give a home to an abandoned animal. You will fall under the spell! Look how cute they are! Go to the website SPCA de Val d'Or to see the description of the animals available for adoption or directly on place to make your choice. 

Chat a adopter Abitibi-Témiscamingue SPCA Val d'Or Adoption animal idées cadeaux noël achat local SPCA

# 9 A Longboard style skateboard.

A new passion is in full swing on social networks right now and it is about "longboard dancing". What is that ? It consists of doing different dance movements while being on a longboard. When well mastered, it is really impressive! You can incite your teenager's passion for this sport by getting him a longboard available in several colors and styles in stores. Gravity Boardshop of the Region (Amos, Val d'Or, Rouyn-Noranda). 

Loongboard planche roulette Gravité Boardshop AmosLongboard dancing idées cadeaux ado Gravité Boardshop

# 10 A gift card from a local business.

If, after reading each of these gift ideas, none of them appeals to you, you can always turn to purchasing a gift card. But beware, this is not just any gift card. This gives you access to a bonus of 30% of your purchase amount. Yes yes you got it right, 30% more to spend in participating businesses / boutiques in the region, isn't that great? We are talking about a credit-style card valid at several retailers / businesses in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. Visit the Chamber of Commerce website for more details. The program is called My purchases a few steps away. Hurry because the total amount of sales is limited. 


Programme Mes achats Ă  quelques pas Chambre de commerce Abitibi-TĂ©miscamingue

The final word

I hope all of my gift ideas for teens will make it easier for you this year for your little last minute shopping. You should save this article since most of these proposals will be useful for future birthdays. I wish you happy shopping and thank you for supporting our beautiful local businesses! 😊

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