From dream to reality

Have you ever had a dream so big it seems unreachable? Well, that was my case until now. Since I was little, the world of fashion has been a fascination for me. Everything about it interested me, from being a model to designing clothes, everything! On the other hand, this storytelling, at least in my eyes, always seemed to be made only for others. More creative, smarter people who live in big cities, you know someone of higher social status. Until the day I finally opened my eyes.

Let's start my story at the end of high school. Since the period of adolescence is an upheaval for many people (it was even more true in my case), I needed some air, to escape, to become independent and to see the world… , a great need to live! So I went to Australia for a year to learn English, hoping to find my way there. I was fortunate to have the financial support of my family, thank goodness! This trip taught me a lot. One evolves more quickly alone in a foreign environment. We discover our strengths and we become master of our choices. We can only be solely responsible for our destiny. Not that I was blaming my decisions on others, but at home we were four children, and it was harder for me to find my place and forge my identity. This trip was necessary and essential to my development, so much !! I learned a new language while making great discoveries about myself. Ah autonomy, so important for self-confidence. I came back grown from this experience !!

When I got back, it was decided, I would undertake my career in the field of fashion and then launch my own boutique, physical of course, because at the time the internet was not as hot as it is today! ! I had determined my plan: AEC in Fashion Design at LaSalle College and AEC in starting a business at Cégep de Trois-Rivières, to have all the assets to succeed. Yes, good plan that Jany !! Everything is going as planned. The lessons are fine for me and I learn a lot in general, but even more about myself. An unplanned project happened. Oops… Right from the start of my undergraduate design cycle, I met the love of my life (well come on, that wasn't in my plan !!). Very unforeseen change of situation. I, who thought I would spend the rest of my life in an urban area, Montreal more precisely (I love big cities!), In order to work in the wonderful world of clothing design, I find myself in love with a real guy from Abitibi who cannot see himself living anywhere other than in his hometown. Oh dilemma !!!

Despite several questions about my future, I completed the beginning and the middle of my plan (except the most important, of course !!). I graduated from design and business start-up. Throughout this process my romantic relationship was always lasting and strong, and since my boyfriend was now staying in Abitibi, more precisely in Amos, I did neither one nor two and, without thinking too much, I moved to the region with him. The quest for my dream was now swept away, file in section; unrealistic dream. For me, Abitibi was not a good place for a profitable shop (another of my preconceptions!). Be careful to understand myself, I did not choose love to the detriment of my passion. I gave up my passion because of my own fears and a blatant lack of self-esteem.

Subsequently, the course of our lives led us to the discovery of several new areas. These are several years of married life. To then become a family life, without the realization of what fascinated me the most. I have often wanted to go back to basics and start my own business, but as soon as I got into the subject more in depth, I fell back into my old fears and insecurities; am I enough…? Quite creative, quite good, quite intelligent…. Am I going to waste all my money on some crazy project? Is this project viable? Well now I'm sure I'll do it !!

Having spent over twenty years doing jobs I was very good at but not very passionate about led me straight into depression. And yes; depression !! Well that was the kick to the a ** (forgive me the expression !!) that I needed to FINALLY achieve the impossible (in my eyes); live my dream !! What I haven't mentioned so far, well, is the fact that I now have two grown-up daughters who are just as 'thrilled' about fashion and design as I am. Thanks to their initiatives and their investments in the company, they breathe new life into my project. This path addict was essential for me to realize that something important was missing in my life for all these years; an exciting, creative and rewarding job. But it was my daughters' willingness to want to get involved with me that motivated me even more to overcome my fears. 

I decided to go for it. I want to prove to my daughters, but also to the new generation of young people that dreams deserve to be fulfilled and that it's never too late to make them come true (maybe a bit cliché, but true !!). All of these preconceptions that I had that I couldn't be successful were just coming from my mind. I had forged them and had to learn to eliminate them in order to move forward. We all have the capacity to make our dreams come true. We have to start by eliminating our fears and believing in ourself.

So there you have it, master your fears and LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

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