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Our recycled fabric

We use recycled polyester to make our backpacks, among other things. The use of recycled polyester is a pro-environmental option for the manufacture of our accessories and our clothing. Indeed, virgin polyester is a product derived from petroleum, a very polluting resource, and requires a large amount of energy for its production. Recycled polyester, on the other hand, is made from recycled plastic bottles. We recover waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, which reduces the toxic emissions generated by incinerators and improves air quality. To learn more about recycled polyester, read our blog post here. You can also shop all our eco-friendly products here

Managing unsold product

You can be assured that our unsold or slightly defective products, as well as our samples, will be treated in accordance with our environmental and social values. We donate any unsold product to non-profit charities or people in our community in need.

Designed in Canada

LIX is first and foremost a Canadian brand. All our products are designed, imagined and created in our premises. Then, we choose to work with manufacturers who share our values ​​and respect our quality standards. Our goal is to develop friendly relationships with all our manufacturers and suppliers, both locally and internationally - genuine and lasting partnerships based on mutual respect and integrity.

Made in Canada

Since our very beginnings, we have wanted to minimize our environmental footprint. Although our collection is, for now, manufactured internationally, our desire to support local sourcing and local manufacturing remains a work in progress. We want to support and work with Canadian suppliers, textile mills and apparel manufacturers whenever possible. Obviously, our products cannot all be made in Canada. This is simply no longer possible given the structural, human and technological changes to the Canadian apparel industry in recent years. However, we have set ourselves the objective of repatriating part of our production within the limits of our territory as soon as possible.



  • Sac à dos noir polyester recyclé. Noir unisexe. Conçu au Québec.

    Eco-responsible backpacks.

    We have several options of vegan and eco-responsible backpacks available in several colors, so that your look matches your values.

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  • Veste à carreaux de couleur brune.

    Unisex clothing.

    Because our colors match well with your skin tone and not your gender!!! ✌

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