The LIX Family

We are creative enthusiasts.


We are inspired by the wide open spaces that surround us, the beauty of nature and its bright colors to show our joie de vivre in all our creations. We want to inspire you to surpass yourself. Bring out your creativity with all your confidence and full potential. Be yourself and live the dream.


Here is an overview of our creators.

  • Jany Couture:  Owner and creator of the brand. She is passionate about design. Creation is, for her, a means of expression used to free the mind. The launch of this brand is the culmination of several years of work. Finally, she succeeded in uniting her two passions: creation and family. 
  • Laura Crepeault: Owner, digital content creator and designer. Laura has had a passion for styling since she was very young. A fashion admirer, she plays with colors and styles to create the perfect products that will please you. His fascination with all things aesthetic shines through in his photographs and in his creations.
  • Mily CrĂ©peault: Owner, designer and expedition manager. Mily is a ball of energy who likes to follow in her big sister's footsteps. When you have a challenge, she will know how to find the solution, which has served us well so far!! Follow his madness on our page Instagram !
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  • Sac Ă  dos Ă©cole pour fille Ă©coresponsable et vĂ©gan de couleur vert menthe.

    Eco-responsible backpacks

    This model with our vegan leather badge comes in three different colors.

  • Sac de sport pour fille entrainement de couleur bleu marin et rose. Fabrication Ă©coresponsable.

    Vegan duffle bags

    We have two sizes of duffle bags and both in two different colors.

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