The Lix story.

Well, let's see, where does that name come from? Are you curious? Does that intrigue you? You all want to know where the logic behind the name comes from. I can't count the number of times I've been asked: What does LIX mean? Is that the Roman nunber? Is this an acronym? Everyone has their own explanation behind the definition. Well, here ! It's a lot simpler than you think, and here's the real story behind the name.

When I made the decision to open my business, I had in mind what I wanted. A name that is short, simple, easy to remember, pronounceable in several languages, creative and beautiful, of course! I started by doing what everyone else would have done, I played with the letters of our three first names. Nothing really made me vibrate. I wanted my business name to be more special than just a collection of letters. I wanted a name that I would still like over time and be able to identify with. Something WOW, which makes me feel an emotion of joy, a feeling of well-being. So I took it a step further. What makes me happy? When did I really feel in my element, on my X. You know the expression: to be on his X? It’s when all areas of your life are in happiness mode. Anyway, that's my personal definition!


So there you have it, I went back to my old memories of my youth. The time when I finally felt really happy and in my place. I started to think back to that time in my life when I was carefree and where the only headache of the evening was wondering where we were going to spend the night? And that summer, we spent most of our time in this underground place, little known to the general public, very dark and a little intriguing. A partially hidden place, in a basement on Ste-Catherine street, where we could see bands from the emerging scene. The place where we could laugh, do silly things, have fun while listening to music that looked like us. You see: "THE PLACE" !!! This room, well, it's name was the L'X. 

This comforting feeling of happiness that this place make me feel every time I set foot there, I want to relive it every moment I see, work or think about my business. A pure happiness! Euphoria! The feeling of being in my place, in my element, on my X. So this is the real reason for the name. Following this reflection, I had a name for my business. I just had to tweak it to really suit my personality. So I added an L for Laura and an i for Mily, without distorting the essence of the name too much. So here is LIX! My business of happiness !!!


I want to bring this euphoria to everyone who wears LIX. I want to convey this comforting happiness through my creations and I want to recreate a community that feels united, loved, understood and valued.
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